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‘Just a bar job’

8 Oct

As a job-seeker with a part-time waitressing job, I – like many people in a similar position – tend to think of bar and waiting work as an easily-got quick buck. Not that the work is easy, but that finding the work is easy – you don’t tend to have to fill out pages of application forms or go for lengthy interviews. In my experience it’s always been: hand in a CV, come in for a chat and you’re pretty much in.

Well, of course we all know that jobs are sparse, and soon to be sparser, but speaking to another Bristol-based friend yesterday, I realised that even the normally easily accessible restaurant/bar sector is now pushing up its demands, in response to growing numbers of people hoping to work in these establishments.

This friend has been keeping me entertained with her endless ‘trials’ for weeks now, so I thought it would be worth making a record of these on here:

1. The Lansdown, Clifton – she was one of fifty people being interviewed for this part-time job in a pub!

2. Hippodrome – a two-hour long interview for part-time front-of-house work

3. Juniper, Cotham – three potential employees trialling together, presumably to drive up standards with competition (ah, capitalism)

4. New bar on the Triangle – a training day with all potential employees

Is it just me, or is this ridiculous? If well-educated and experienced people like my friend have to jump through these kind of hoops just to get some part-time bar work, how exactly does the Government envision people claiming benefits to get back into a work environment they might have been out of for years?